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TRITEC is the largest independent PTFE billet producer in North America

Our expertise in developing our own blended compounds coupled with our proprietary molding and sintering process ensure our customers receive the best PTFE products for their application. We also stock over 250 different PTFE and modified PTFE blends to provide rapid prototyping and some of the fastest least times in the industry.


The mission of TRITEC is to be the best engineered sealing solutions provider as determined by our customers by offering the highest quality products available, and delivered in the quickest timeframe possible. All TRITEC Associates are engaged and committed to achieving our mission.


Our team has over 90 years of combined experience, making TRITEC a qualified partner to assist you with your design and production needs.

TRITEC’s history began in the early 1960s when the benefits of using PTFE material for seals was recognized by Steve Sekulich; he would later become one of TRITEC’s original founders. In the years that followed, Steve become a pioneer in the PTFE sealing industry and implemented his discoveries into many applications. In 1974 Steve formed Sealcomp, which he sold to Fluorocarbon Corporation in 1982, which became Furon. After several years with Furon, Steve and his son Brad decided to go into the industry on their own again. In 1987, they founded TRITEC Seal.

In 2012, Steve sold controlling interest of TRITEC to Edgewater Capital Partners, a private equity firm, located in Cleveland, Ohio. Over 30 years later and with the additional purchase of TRITEC Polymers and Leeco Industrial Plastics, we are the market leader in PTFE sealing solutions and other maximum performance products.