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TRITEC Seals offer superior life and performance and are used extensively in all classes of motorsport.


Our seals can be found in the vehicles of nearly every NASCAR team, ensuring reliability for the chassis, drive train, and accessory drive systems. If you are into Formula 1, or IRL racing, you will find us there, too! Let’s not leave out the likes of an American icon like Harley-Davidson, or the performance requirements of ProCharger’s super charger.

Our PTFE rotary lip seals offer a broader range of service and longer life than any elastomeric seal can give you. If you need performance, reliability, and have the desire to win, then call our team of Engineers and we will customize a sealing solution that will put you across the finish line in no time!


As the vast array of industries have become more demanding with higher temperatures, caustic environments, and higher pressures, the standard elastomeric seal can no longer offer the life expectancy needed for companies to remain competitive. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) offers the opportunity to run at higher RPMs, higher and lower temperatures, and much higher pressures than an elastomeric seal.

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